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Air Purifiers and Air Cleaners Technology Center

Air Cleaners - All you should know about an air filter

With the rising level of pollution and the rising level of health consciousness among the common masses, it comes as no surprise that air cleaners are amongst the fastest growing household products. Air cleaners are being purchased by an average buyer so that he may be able to remove dust, pollen, tobacco smoke and pet allergens from his home. What should be understood though is that no air cleaner is custom made to remove all types of airborne pollutant. The second thing that must be understood is that air cleaning is never going to be enough by itself. Air cleaners must be used in combination with the control of sources of pollution and with proper ventilation.

Air Purifiers Types and Technologies

Generally air cleaners are of three types. These can be Hepa filters, ionic air purifiers and the third one is the combination of the first two and is called hybrid filters or multistage systems.

Hepa air cleaners - how do they function?

Hepa filters make use of a flat, pleated or high efficiency particulate air filter. It draws air through it to trap particles. The Hepa filters can be used or various purposes. So, it may protect ventilation equipments from dust and dirt or it may protect furnishings and décor of the occupied space or it may be used to reduce furnace and heating equipment fire hazards or it may help reduce housekeeping and building maintenance. On the whole, Hepa air filters prove useful for the general well being of the people.

The efficiency of the Hepa air cleaners can be substantially increased by pleating it. What pleating does is that it increases the total surface area available for filtration and also extends the life span of the cleaner. The most efficient hepa air purifiers that we have tested are manufactured by Iqair, Neoair, Blueair. These can prove to be more effective than almost all other known air cleaners. They are capable to remove almost 99.97% of all the particles larger than 0.3 micrometers in diameter.

Electronic Air cleaners - are they any good?

Electronic are somewhat effective in removing airborne particles and odors but are not very effective on other ranges of pollutants. Electronic air cleaners can be Negative Ion Generators and Electrostatic Precipitators.

Negative ion generators give a charge to air borne particles and that makes them drop to the floors. This process removes the particles from the air circulation in the room. Some air cleaners now come with a collector to trap the charged particles. Electrostatic Precipitators gives charge to airborne particles and trap the particles on the oppositely charged metal plates. It should be noted that the plates need regular cleaning as the efficiency of this air cleaner reduces considerably if the plates are coated with dust or other particulates.

Multistage air Purifiers - why are they the best to combat a variety of pollutants?

These units combine and make use of the features of several the air filtration technologies.

There can be various supplementary attachments to the air cleaners to make them more efficient and effective. So, a gas phase filter may be used to filter out specific gases, vapors and odors. The air cleaners may also be equipped with chemical filters designed to remove pollutant gases from the air. Activated carbon, silica gel, activated aluminum coated with potassium permanganate, zeolites, porous clay minerals, or molecular sieves are a few things that may be used to remove different VOC.

When you are determined of buying an air cleaner , you should first be sure of the kind of filter that may be best for you.According to our tests and ratings we suggest the Iqair healthpro, the Neoair Enviro and the Blueair 501. The air cleaners must be installed in the room in which you spend most of your time or in the problem area or near the pollution source. Proper maintenance must be taken to ensure that your air cleaner works smoothly as per the instruction of the manufacturer so, if they tell you to replace the filter at certain intervals make sure you do so.

This article was intended to give the readers a fair idea of the air purifiers in the market and their utility. Hope it does help you in deciding for a better air cleaner.


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