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Air purifiers - All top performing air purifiers selected by our Editors and Reviewers

Home air purifiers - Selection for office and home air filtration use

Room Air Purifiers - For living rooms, bedrooms or other air purification and filtration needs

Ionic Air Cleaners - Models of air filters that incorporate negative ionic purification function in their air filtration technology.

Commercial Air Cleaners - Made for heavy duty industrial and professional applications

Hepa Air Purifiers - selection of air cleaners models that use high grade Hepa filters.

Air Purifier Review guide - offers detailed air purifiers reviews and rating by professional reviewers

Compare Air Purifiers - A comprehensive air cleaner comparison chart is offered to evaluate the pro and cons of every machine according to different needs.

All Air Purifiers Brands - find in the following sections all air purifiers models offered by the following leading manufactures

IQair - residential iqair air purifiers shopping guide

IQAIR Commercial air purifiers - all commercial models for heavy tasks and hospital clean room use.

Blueair - find here all blueair air purifiers and models manufactured by this famous Swedish company:

Biozone - Residential and semi commercial air cleaners with powerful UV light function

Biozone commercial air cleaners - selection of models for industrial use or medical industry.

Austin Air Purifiers - affordable solution for pollen and particulate control

Neoair - air purifiers with patent pending Neoair OFS sterilization technology

Airfree Products - manufacturer of the world’s first ceramic core air sterilizer

  • P1000- New model for 2006 the airfree P1000 features a 450 coverage area.
  • P2000- More powerful than ever the new Airfree P2000 is effective for rooms up to 550 square feet.

Replacement Filters guide - Find here all air cleaners replacement filters and accessories

Air Cleaners Technology Center - Provide a complete overview and how exactly how different air purifiers work and articles about the latests air filtration technologies today available. It also includes a frequently asked question section.

Allergy Relief and Indoor Air Pollution Learning Center - Offers a comprehensive collection of articles and allergy information written by professionals. Includes tips and guides on how to to better cope with asthma and other allergic attacks.

Company information and customer help

Resources section - a collection of allergy information and authoritative agencies


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