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Room Air Purifiers for living rooms, bedrooms or other air purification and filtration needs

It is important to know that Room air purifiers are the best solution to combat allergens in rooms respect to all house units. The number of times a room air purifier is filters the air in one hour is the main key on how good a product performs and delivers results. When shopping for room air purifiers that supports your needs you have to consider the dimension of the room you will be using it and most importantly which is the room that you spend most of your time at home. Statistics show that the room where the large majority of people spend most of their time at home is the bedroom (average 9 hours a day).

Room Air Purifiers:

Neoair Air Enviro

Neoair Enviro room unit perfect for bedrooms or college dorms

Blueair 201

Blueair 201 Air Purifier with hepa silent assures you a cleaner and quiter room

Blueair 402

The Blueair 402 Air Purifier features an impressive air cleaning speed for medium rooms

IqAir Compact

IQ Air HealthPro Compact Air Purifier is even more morefull right now


Austin Air Junior Plus Austin Air Healthmate Jr PLUS boosts up a great CADR score in med rooms.  

Biozone 500

Biozone 500 is the efficient alternative to hepa filters to fight back foul odors

Blueair 201

Airfree P1000

Revolutionary technology perfect for dorms or bedrooms. More info

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