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New neoair air purifiers with patent pending Neoair OFS sterilization technology

Employing all the latest advancement in air purification technology, neoair air purifiers define the standard on how the next generation systems should be. The Hepa and activated carbon filtration combined with ozone free ionic function together with pollution detectors make these Neoair air purifiers incredibly efficient. If that wouldn’t be enough, all these units feature the latest O.F.S. sterilization filter, a one of a kind patent pending organic media that has been proven to be very effective against molds and bacteria.
Neoair air purifiers come with a stockpile of independent tests and certifications that back up the effectiveness of these units.

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Why Neoair air purifiers are so effective?

  • All Neoair air purifiers efficiency is independently tested
  • They embed 5 air filtration technologies in one product
  • O.F.S. air sterilization filter is a breakthrough
  • Tested to have reduced up to 96% of molds in 6 hours
  • Tested to have killed up to 97.7% of bacteria in 6 hours
  • Tested to be ozone free
  • Replacement Filters kit are inexpensive

All Neoair air purifiers detailed information and specs.

Neoair Air Enviro

Neoair Enviro 68108 air purifier – Complete shield air purifier for home

The Enviro 68108 by Neoair industries is one of the few air purifiers in the market that has actually independent tests published that back up performance. The Neoair Enviro uses a 5 step technology that’s very effective against a multitude of allergens including mold and bacteria and the O.F.S. sterilization capability makes him unique. Its sharp design and compact size makes him a great buy for those serious about pollution control and want an appealing product.
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Neoair O.F.S. sterilization Technology explained:

First of all, O.F.S. stands for Organic Fiber Sterilization. This patent pending filter media that’s included in all neoair air purifiers is based upon phytopharmaceutical research and is really a breakthrough in air purification. In English, Phytopharmaceuticals are compounds derived from botanicals instead of chemicals. These filters are composed by an all natural proprietary solution extracted by medicinal plants that have strong germicidal and antiviral capabilities.
The extracted solution quickly starts a neutralizing reaction with molds and bacteria upon contact.
Neoair air purifiers OFS technology has been independently tested by applied consumer services and CHN center for disease and control and its exceptional capability has been reported and certified. These independent tests recorded up to a 96% mold and up to 97.7% bacteria reduction within a contaminated room in just 6 hours of operation.

It took several years of research and development to synthesize the correct formula and finalize the perfect Neoair air purifiers filter design. Today this technology is only available in Neoair products.

Neoair Independent efficiency tests and Certifications obtained

  1. Mold Reduction Tests- Applied Consumer Services

  2. Bacteria reduction tests – CHN Center for Disease and Control

  3. Ozone Free Certification – Applied Consumer Services

    The Neoair air purifier is absolutely safe to use for asthma and allergy sufferers, especially those who are sensitive to ozone.

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Disclaimer: all Information found in web site in regard of and not limited to neoair air purifiers, commercial air purifiers and all other home air purifiers systems or related products is for educational purposes only, and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. You can be sure that when buying neoair air purifiers at airpurifiershopper your information will be kept confidential and not sold to anyone and all transaction are encrypted to assure you the safest security. We only sell original and new neoair air purifiers.

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