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Information about IQair commercial air purifiers for industrial and medical use

Designed to capture fumes, smoke, particulate matter, chemicals and VOC these IQair commercial air purifiers will provide optimal indoor air quality in most professional environment. These units are extremely portable and can be easily maneuvered to serve several different areas. This means you will always have an iqair commercial air purifier where ever you need it. When looking for commercial and industrial strength solutions to maintaining a safe, clean work place, protecting employees turn to iqair commercial air purifier products. their TRUE HEPA filtration provides the maximum available filtration solution for laboratories, infection control and hospital isolation rooms.

These Iqair commercial air purifiers are also ideal for restaurants, bars, hotels or any other facility where heavy duty air pollution is a concern.

Learn why IQair commercial air purifiers are so efficient?

Everything about Iqair commercial air purifiers and industrial systems

GC Chemisorber

IQAir GC Chemisorber – for extra CHEMICAL PROTECTION

The low profile of this unit allows it to be moved around the working space easily and can be upgraded to cope with specific chemical treats. More info


IQAir GC AM – also known as the AMMONIA BUSTER

The IQair GC AM air purifier is the best choice to serious ammonia odors control as well other organic air pollutant, especially airborne particulate. More info

Iqair gcx voc

IQAir GCX VOC Air Cleaner is the durable solution to fight SMOG and VOC in heavy polluted areas

The GCX line is tough on various gaseous contaminants and especially efficient at removing car pollution. More info

GCX Multigas

IQAir GCX MultiGas Air Purifier for ORGANIC and CIGARETTE ODORS

an advanced model with heavy duty strength to filtrate a wide range of pollutant and organic matters. It works very well on managing cigarette smoke odors. More info

GCX Chemisorber

IQAir GCX Chemisorber – The Air Purifier of choice for SPECIAL CHEMICAL management.



IQAir GCX AM Air Purifier is designed for ADVANCED AMMONIA and derivates control and filtration

Cleanroom H13

IQAir Cleanroom H13 Air Purifier – For VIRUSES and BACTERIA control in hospitals and clinics

Dental Pro Air Purifie

IQAir Dental Pro Air Purifier specifically designed for DENTIST and DENTAL CARE facilities


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Disclaimer: all Information found in web site in regard of and not limited to room and home air purifiers, compare air purifiers and all Iqair industrial air purifiers or related products is for educational purposes only, and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. When shopping for iqair commercial air purifiers at you can be always be confident that shopping is safe and all transaction are encrypted, all iqair commercial air purifiers are new and your information will be kept confidential and not sold to any other corporation.

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