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Home air purifiers selection for office and home air filtration use

Some don't know that Home Air purifiers have been around since the late Seventies to reduce indoor air pollutants in our homes. In the old days those products were bulky, very expensive to maintain, not energy efficient and worst they generated lots of noise while operating. Thanks to advancement in technology the next generation of home air purifiers are more powerful, consume less energy, dimensions have greatly reduced and efficiency drastically improved. Today’s Home air purifiers combine multiple filtration technologies to enhance efficiency and boost performance. The latest products are so well designed that are becoming stylish statements in interior décor for the homes of the new millennium.

The following is a selection of home air purifiers that incorporates the latest technology innovations.

Neoair Air Purifier

Only the Neoair Enviro 68108 air purifier offers a complete 5 stage home solution

Because of its unique proprietary OFS technology the Neoair Enviro has been proven to be extremely efficient at reducing molds and bacteria other than filtering just fine particulates.

More info

IQAir HealthPro

The IQAir HealthPro Air Purifier is the perfect home air purifier for serious asthmatic

With many years of experience and impeccable quality the IQAir Healthpro is the unit of choice for people that requires a top of the line air filtration system.
More info

Iqair Pro Plus

The IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier masters most odor and gasses pollution

Combining a new phase gas filtration system this unit is able to get rid of very strong odors including cigarette smoke.
More info

Blueair 501

Blueair 501 Air Purifier for home provides power and efficiency

If you are looking for a powerful air purifier but you don’t want to deal with lots of noise the blueair 501 is the unit you have been looking for. The patented hepa silent technology makes is definitely a plus for this great product.

More info

Blueair 601

The powerful Blueair 601 Air Purifier gives you the necessary edge in large areas

The features of this home air purifier are endless and the super enhanced fan motor makes it even more effective.

More info

Austin Air HealthMate Plus

Austin Air HealthMate Plus is a great air purifier for heavy duty tasks

It gets the job done without many bells and whissels around the house. Perfect for living rooms and dens.

More info


The Biozone 1000 house air purifier is the odor buster unit that requires virtually no maintainance


More info

Blueair 601

Airfree P2000

Just released! Hot silver color and now cover more space. More info

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