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Compare air purifiers according to different consumers air purifiers comparison needs

There are many products available and most of us have different needs. To select the correct device is sometimes difficult or confusing. With these air purifiers comparison charts we are offering a quick reference guide to compare features, benefits and weaknesses of every air purifier we carry. We compare air purifiers following actual consumers needs and rate the products according to strict review guidelines.

Compare the major air purifier brands (Neoair, Iqair,Blueair, Biozone and Austin air)and models and see which one is the right product for you. Not all air cleaners are equal and not all of them have the same capabilities against common airborne allergens and pollutants. We hope this informative page will provide you with the answers to the most common question and improve your overall knowledge about these air filtration devices. If you still have doubts feel free to call out tall free number and one of our air purifier expert will be more than happy to assist you.

  • Solid products, they come with an hepa filter performance enhancer. The blueair air purifiers are among the top air purifiers as far as CARD score and overall performance. Some of the units can be upgraded with a special smoke stop filter designed to better cope with cigarette smoke odors and gasses.
  • The blueair air purifiers are a little bit bulky and heavy. They have wheels that help to move them around but if they need to be carried on a second floor or basement the process become quite complicated. At maximum speed the fan is quite noticeable. There is no remote controller or pollution sensor

  • All IQair healthpro air purifiers models features “true hepa” filters, remote control and the most reliable motor in the industry. Each and every iqair air purifier is inspected and certified before being shipped out. Many of these units can be found in hospitals and clinics around the world. They are very efficient air filtration systems
  • The only cons we have been able to find on these air cleaners are their ticket prices: They are quite expensive and also the replacement filters are not cheap even though they last a long time. Never the less, if you suffer from serious allergies and you can afford the bill these IQair air cleaners really get the job done and are top of the line.

  • The compact size of these biozone air purifiers allow them to fit even in tight areas and they can also be hanged on the wall for maximum space saving. They are very efficient against odors especially in kitchen and basements. They do not need to be cared for as they don’t require any filter to operate. This makes these biozone air cleaners a good buy for offices and conference rooms. There are several models to choose depending on the size of the area that requires air filtration. A UV light bulb is embedded in the unit and can be to a certain extent efficient at reducing certain organic pollutant such as bacteria and viruses.
  • Because of the lack of an hepa filter these air cleaners are not effective at removing dust, pollen and other common allergens. They generate some ozone that can be an irritant to certain people that are chemical sensitive. We feel than the a remote control would be a great ad on to these units because 85% of the current users prefer to have them wall mounted.

  • The filters of most of these units are treated with potassium iodide that is a performance enhancer against VOC. The motor is powerful and strong enough to remove most airborne particulates and allergens commonly found indoors. Nothing fancy or high tech but extremely solid and efficient.
  • To replace the filter a screw driver is required and is not very simple operation. There is no digital display that provide you operation information or when the filters need to be changed.

  • Extra compact air purifier that features 5 different air filtration technologies. Other than HEPA and carbon filters it comes with a patent pending unique O.F.S. filter designed specifically to remove molds and bacteria. This Neoair air cleaner has been tested and its performance has been certified by several leading independent laboratories around the world. Comes with a pollution detector, remote and replacement filters indicator.
  • The only minor bug we have been able to find is the lack of a digital display in the remote control. It is sometimes difficult to see what has been selected if the unit is far away.

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