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All Blueair Air PUrifiers.

Manufactured by Blueair air purifiers Inc, an established company that was founded in Sweden more than a decade ago, these solid air cleaners set the standard for quality and durability. Several innovation and design awards, from leading national and international institutions have been awarded to blueair air purifiers.
All blueair air cleaners are suitable to be operated in residential and semi-commercial environments.

  • Unlike many other manufacturers all blueair products are independently tested and their performance is certified.
  • Design is award winning so these air purifiers are a compliment to any interior.
  • Blueair air purifiers combined filtration technologies are among the best performing in the industry.


Blueair 601

Blueair 601 Air Purifier is for extra large rooms or semi commercial use.

More powerful than ever, the blueair 601 Air Purifier allows you to control dust and allergens in extra large rooms. Clinics and medical centers around the country use the blueair 601to control pollutant and airborne micro particulate. More info

Blueair 201

Blueair 201 Air Purifier- great for dorm rooms or small bedrooms.

A compact, but never the less very efficient purifier, that can still perform in small environments. The blueair 201 air purifier is the latest introduction in the junior class. This unit is quiet and is suitable for rooms with a maximum area of 200 square feet or less. More info

Blueair 402

Blueair 402 Air Purifier for medium rooms or a small den.

Another compact model, but with larger capacity the blueair 402 air purifier is the suggested for a small den or medium room size. Don’t be fooled by it compact size, the 402 air purifier has a strong and powerful motor. More info

Blueair 501

Blueair 501 Air Purifier works great for large den or big living rooms.

For people that requires great air filtration efficiency and desire a quieter solution the blueair 501 air purifier is the preferred choice. The strong feature of this unit is its innovative design and great capabilities against allergens and airborne particulate. More info

Blueair 501 with Smoke Stop Filter

Blueair 501 - with SmokeStop Filter uses a special filter to eliminate cigarette smoke.

This unit is best suited for the heavy smokers as its smokestop filter has been specifically designed to cope with nicotine and other cigarette chemicals. The Bluear 501 air purifier with smokestop filter is also useful for semi commercial applications such as cigar rooms etc. More info

How to get the best out of your blueair air purifier?

The latest technologies in filters design are employed in all blueair air purifiers. A different approach of ionization makes this line extremely efficient as particles are charged before they hit the filter, helping them to stick to the media more efficiently.

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Disclaimer: All Information found in web site in regard of and not limited to Blueair air purifiers, air purifier reviews, home air purifiers and all other hepa filters or related products is for educational purposes only, and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. When shopping for blueair air purifiers at airpurifiershopper you can be always be confident that shopping is safe and all transaction are encrypted, all blueair air purifiers are new and your information will be kept confidential and not sold to any other corporation.

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