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All about Biozone commercial air purifiers - ionic systems with industrial strength

Specifically designed to sustain the abuse of industrial workload, these Biozone commercial air purifiers are the hassle free solutions to cope with airborne pollution in large areas. The coverage depends from the level of pollution in the affected space. For instance, some units have capacity of up to 7,000 square feet in quarters with medium pollution levels.

What biozone commercial air purifiers can do for you?

  • Biozone commercial are great on odors removal
  • Though on most chemicals
  • Biozone commercial lines are filterless
  • UV light function works on certain viruses
  • Perfect for warehouses or manufacturing plants
  • Use on Dental Offices, Warehouses, Large Offices and more

All about Biozone air purifiers models and information

Act 1

Biozone ATC 1 commercial Air Purifier perfect for commercial shops and restaurants

Act 2

Biozone ATC 2 air purifier - Commercial Air purifier for warehouse pollution control


Biozone Commercial ACT 3

Biozone Air Purifier ATC 3 commercial – even more powerful with heavy duty industrial strength


These biozone commercial air purifiers are heavy duty purification systems designed for commercial and industrial applications. Several hundreds of pubs, restaurants, warehouses around the World selected the ATC line. This line of industrial and commercial air purifiers are very powerful and can cover very large areas.

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Disclaimer: all Information found in web site in regard of and not limited to all air purifiers, air purifier review and all biozone air purifiers or related products is for educational purposes only, and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. When shopping for biozone commercial air purifiers at you can be always be confident that shopping is safe and all transaction are encrypted, all biozone commercial air purifiers are brand new .

Be sure to use to buy biozone commercial air purifiers. Free shipping on all industrial biozone air purifiers!