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Austin Air Purifiers for pollen and VOC control

Even if these austin air purifiers don’t have the latest cutting edge design, they really are solid air cleaners that employ a top of the line filtration system. With many models to choose at an affordable price, austin air purifiers are a real asset for any family that requires efficient allergens control. The main filter need to be replaced every 3 to 5 years while the reusable pre filter only requires to be vacuumed a couple of times every 6 months. The main features of some of this Austin air purifiers is the HEGA filter that is designed for greater VOC management.

What are the benefits of these AUSTIN AIR PURIFIERS?

  • Austin air purifiers are certified to manage a wide array of airborne pollutants.
  • Hega filter is exceptional against VOC and Gasses.
  • All austin air systems employ a true HEPA or HEGA filter with great efficiency rate.
The HEGA technology employed in some Austin air purifiers was designed by this company engineers to improve overall gas reduction efficiency. HEGA stands for High Efficiency Gas Absorption. This filter media is a pearl for those people that want superb tobacco spoke control or require an effective chemical management unit.

All Austin air purifiers information and specifications

Austin Air HealthMate Plus

Austin Air HealthMate Plus – the enhanced version to cope with severe allergen problems

We suggest this product for chemical sensitive and asthmatic. The Austin air healthmate plus is capable to rid a wide range of airborne allergen and strong odors. More info

Austin Air HealthMate Plus Austin Air HealthMate Standard Purifier for serious pollen and organic allergen decontamination  
Indeed an excellent product for its price tag, the austinair healthmate purifier is very effective to remove airborne dust and pollens. Furthermore, by having a super strong fan it is capable to cover large rooms. More info

Austin Air Allergy Machine

Austin Air Allergy Machine – solid and efficient home air purifier

The flag ship of this company, the Austin air allergy machine features one of the most durable motor in the industry, a true hepa filter and up to 15 pounds of activated carbon for better particles and VOC management. More info

Austin Air Junior

Austin Air HealthMate Junior is a compact version of the regular healthmater

A little less powerful than the senior version, the healthmate junior is still a good asset to fight pollen and dust at an affordable price. We recommend the Austin air healthmate jr for living rooms or small recreational areas. More info

Austin Air Junior Plus Austin Air Healthmate Junior PLUS for mild chemical control  
With a more enhanced filtration media the Austin air junior plus is an asset for asthmatics that are sensitive to chemicals. The healthmate junior plus is for mild chemical management only. More info

Austin Air Jr. Hega Austin Air HealthMate Jr HEGA for medium tobacco smoke management  
Hega is an improved version of the normal HEPA filter designed specifically to rid of Volatile Organic Compounds or VOC. The small footprint for the healthmate Junior HEGA makes it the perfect choice for people that leave in the city, nearby plants or are smokers.More info

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Disclaimer: all Information found in web site in regard of and not limited to austin air purifiers, home air purifiers and all other hepa air purifiers or related products is for educational purposes only, and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. When shopping for austin air purifiers at you can be always be confident that shopping is safe and all transaction are encrypted, all austin air purifiers are new and your information will be kept confidential and not sold to any other corporation.

Use to shop for austin air purifiers for your home. Remember that you can be sure you will save a lot with us and always free shipping on all Austin air purifiers!