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Air purifier reviews

We are offering a complete and comprehensive collection of air purifier reviews to our clients. Our product specialists have tested and reviewed thoroughly these air cleaners and wrote reports with their findings and information. There is lots of misinformation, uncertified claims and unrealistic expectations regarding these types of products and our expert air purifiers reviewers we would like to offer you their expertise and share the experiences they had using and reviewing this air purifiers.

Air Purifier Review – Independent air purifiers Reviewers panel

Our air purifier experts reviewed, tested and rated the following air cleaners brands and systems

A great part of air purifier manufactures fill up their brochures and product descriptions with beautiful words and great images of secluded forests or beautiful waterfalls, but are these air purifiers really going to deliver what they promise? Find it out how these leading air cleaners have performed during our real life tests. Our panel of expert reviewers is very knowledgeable about the functionality of an air cleaner, what to expect from them, what are the common design flaws and all the tricks of the book. Our experts carefully evaluated every air purifier in the list below conducting a series of different tests and wrote a detailed review and overall experience with these devices. We are confident this air purifier review page can give you the answers to better select the perfect air cleaner for your specific needs.

IQAir – Professional IQAIR Air Cleaner Review

With over four decades of experience IQair air cleaners gained the trust and confidence of hospitals and medical facilities around the world. Swiss precision and impeccable craftsmanship make these air cleaners the best residential air filtration devices ever developed. Every unit is professionally tested and certified before being delivered to distributors and point of sale. This certification guarantees an air purifier that is going to deliver exceptional pure air for a life time. Read more hereafter about the specific IQair models that our expert have tested and reviewed.

Neoair – 68108 Air Purifier Review

Neoair engineers really outperform themselves when designing this advanced air purifier. The “5 stage” solution adopted by the Neoair enviro filters out different pollutants in multiple steps delivering even cleaner air. Another point that makes this air cleaner stand out is its patent pending O.F.S. sterilization filter that has been proven by leading independent laboratories around the world to be extremely efficient against Molds and bacteria. The ratio between Price and performance is sensational.

  • Neoair Enviro 68108: Sharpest than ever the Enviro represents the air purifier of the future. See what happened when we tested it. Read the review now

Blueair – complete list of blueair air purifiers - Reviews

The peculiar design of the blueair air purifiers is what intrigued us the most. These units are solid as rocks and incorporate innovative air purification technologies. An enclosed ionizer has been placed within the air flow to enhance the “stickiness” of the hepa filter. This radical approach allows the bluair air cleaners to drastically improve their performances without the need to utilize true Hepa filter cartridges. Find out more about the 402, 501 and 601 blueair models and what our editors had to say about them.

  1. Blueair 402 Review: A little thinner than the big blueair brothers this air cleaner outperforms most of the competition in its class. Read blueair 402 Editor review
  2. Blueair 501 Review: A great air purifier that delivers the fresh air you are seeking at home. Read more
  3. Blueair 601 Review: The jumbo version of the blueair family provides you with an even larger coverage area. What did the reviewer found out during the blueair 601 test?

Biozone – Expert biozone air cleaners Review

These ionic air cleaners are manufactured by Biozone scientific in USA. These are powerful units that are extremely good at removing odors. Because of the lack of filter there is not much aftersale to perform other than replace the UV light bulb every now and then. The only down side of these biozone air cleaners is that they are not very effective against pollen and dust.

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Disclaimer: all Information presented at regarding air purifier reviews and all other Home air purifiers, hepa filters, Commercial air purifiers products is for educational purposes only, and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. When shopping or informing yourself at you can be sure all information are up to date, unbiased and transaction are secured and encrypted, all air purifier reviews are done by experts and be sure that any information you share with us will be kept confidential and not sold to any 3rd party company.

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