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There are many different air purifiers out there and many of them are targeted to specific type of pollutants. With this section we are offering a quick reference with the benefits of these leading air purifier manufacturers. Some units are better than other to fight back pollen and dust while others are more efficient against molds and bacteria. Find out here which is the right air cleaner for you.

IQair healthpro air purifiers

Designed and manufactured with top of the line components these IQair air purifiers have ranked the best of the best in every contest they have been presented. Due to skillful craftsmanship and impeccable engineering, IQair came out with the most efficient products available today in the market. These iqair systems provide a complete shield against the majority of airborne allergy triggers both in residential and in semi commercial locations.
Some models are specifically designed to eliminate particular gasses.

Blueair air purifiers

Featuring an award winning design these blueair air purifiers (201,402,501 and 601 models) carry the longest warranty in the industry. They all embed the advanced HEPA silent technology that still being exceptional at ridding your home from impurities is also very gentle with your hears. There is no problem to have these blueair air cleaners run constantly in you bedroom without you being disturbed while sleeping, they are quiet!. AHAM, a leading testing laboratory in the United States ranked them overall number one air filtration product.

Neoair air purifiers systems

Exclusive O.F.S. Antibacterial and anti-mold technology! This innovative and top of the line multistage home air purifier by Neoair features a full 5 filtration steps to fully capture and exterminate the vast majority of home airborne contaminants.
The Neoair enviro has been tested and certified by many specialized independent testing laboratories around the world to be extremely efficient against molds and bacteria. The Neoair Enviro is OZONE FREE!
Read more about the Neoair enviro 68108 and see what he can do for you.

Austin Air air purifiers series

By using a huge quantity of filtration media compared to most of the other brands out there, all austin air cleaners provide a powerful shield against pollen and dust. These unit features the longest hepa filtration life in the business: 5 years pro rated filter warranty. The Austin air purifiers are the tanks of the air purifier industry – solid as rock and will last you a lifetime.

Biozone air purifiers with UV

Biozone has a vast range of air purifiers models to chose from depending of the effective coverage area of each unit. This UV air purifiers dramatically reduce the pollution levels in large rooms and commercial spaces. They are very effective against odors and certain microorganisms. Smoke odors are also reduced by these air purifiers, Their main feature is that they do not require filters to operate and are virtually noiseless. Learn more about all the biozone air purifiers and they different options here.

Blueair 201

Airfree P1000

Hot design and proven to work technology make the P1000 the must have air sterilizer. This model is effective for a room up to 450 sq.ft. It is guaranteed to reduce airborne microorganisms up to 85% within 3 to 4 weeks. It works great against molds, fungi and certain bacteria

Blueair 601

Airfree P2000

New airfree sterilizer for 2006! More powerful and with new award winning design.

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