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Neoair Enviro 68108 Hepa Air Purifier

Information and specs about the Neoair Enviro air purifier

Neoair Enviro 68108 Home Air Purifier comes with 5 Air Filtration Stages to fully maximize effectiveness against a wide range of pollutants. This air purifier features an advanced filter system that includes an HEPA and Activated Carbon filter, Innovative Organic Fiber Sterilization (O.F.S.) technology and ozone free ionization. The Enviro 68108 has been independently tested and certified to be Ozone free and to be extremely effective against molds, bacteria, airborne allergens and particulates.

Neoair offers a full set of independent tests conducted by leading scientists and research centers around the world to prove the exceptional efficiency of this innovative air purifier.

  • Mold Reduction Tests 96% - The efficacy of the Organic Fiber Sterilization (O.F.S.) Filter against Molds has been tested independently by Applied Consumer Services. Their experiments reported an overall reduction of up to 96% of mold colonies in just 6 hours of operation.
  • Bacteria Reduction Tests 97.7% - Independent testing by the CHN CDC reported a strong germicidal property in the O.F.S. filter technology. In about 6 hours the O.F.S. has been able to kill 97.7% of bacteria colonies in a room.
  • Ozone Free Certified Tests - Independently tested and certified, the ionic function of Neoair Enviro is OZONE FREE. Thanks to carbon fiber technology you can fully benefit from the effects of negative ionization without being worried of Ozone emissions.

How Neoair Air Purifier Works

  1. Prescreening Filtration
    The prescreen process extends the life of the remaining filter by collecting larger molecules, including: dust, skin flakes, and pollen.
  2. HEPA Filtration
    The only technology recommended by the Department of Homeland Security, HEPA Filters remove 99.97% of particles in the air at a size of 0.3 microns or 1/300 the width of a human hair.
    (HEPA = High Efficiency Particulate Air)
  3. Activated Carbon Filtration
    Screens for smoke (tobacco), gases, and odors to produce cleaner, fresher air.
  4. Advanced O.F.S. Filtration (NEW)
    The Enviro 68108 is the first of its kind to offer such an innovating technology.
    (O.F.S. = Organic Fiber Sterilization) is composed of a patent pending all natural fiber that has been independently tested and proven to have great germicidal property against molds (up to 96%) and bacteria ( up to 97.7%).
  5. Ozone Free Negative Ions Technology
    Negative ions help dramatically the effectiveness of a hepa air purifier by constantly knocking down microscopic airborne particles that might have bypassed the prior stages. Thanks to the innovative carbon fiber brush technology the Enviro is able to create ions without producing ozone.

All Neoair enviro 68108 technical specifications

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