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IQAir H13 cleanroom air purifier

The Cleanroom Series provides a choice of 2 models, each with a specific filter efficiency and air delivery profile. While healthcare facilities may require higher air delivery to achieve optimum control of microorganisms, a clean room facility may need a filtration efficiency of 99.97% to meet strict manufacturing regulations or standards.
Both the pre filter and HEPA filter is treated with antimicrobial agents that kill microorganisms, especially bacterium that cause diseases upon contact.
The airflow rate is higher since there is no gas filtration in this device. A gas filter would reduce the air flow rate and add to filter replacement costs and it does not provide any infection control benefits. High air delivery rates are also important to achieve high air changes per hour (ACH) and when the system is used to create negative/positive pressure differences (e.g. for isolation purposes).

The Clean room offers a larger HyperHEPA filter than the standard units. Also the unit has a larger pre-filter, therefore more capacity and longer life. This feature is particularly useful when the systems are in 24-hour non-stop use.


• Number of Selectable Fan Speeds 5
• Air Delivery (with new filters installed) per Speed 1 - 45 cfm
• 2 - 70 cfm
• 3 - 90 cfm
• 4 - 155 cfm
• 5 - 270 cfm
• Maximum Coverage Area 1200 sq ft (based on maximum fan speed and an 8.5 ft ceiling)
• System Efficiency for Particles 99.99% or more at 0.3 microns
• 99.7% for smaller particles
• Power Requirements 115 VAC 50-60 Hz The entire electrical system is UL certified.
• Energy Consumption (Max) 195 W
• Standby Energy Consumption 2.5 W
• Power Cable Detachable 6 foot
• Dimensions H 32" W 15" D 16"
• Net Weight (including filters) 33 lbs
• Warranty Period 1 yr on unit including fan motor, excluding filters

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