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Blueair 201 air purifier

Model 201 HEPA air purifiers from Blueair in Sweden is the latest addition to this fine line of indoor air purifiers. The 201 offers the advantages of attractive styling and compactness. Using the Blueair quiet HEPA technology, the 201 employs an open polymer HEPA technology combined with internal electrostatic brushes to improve airflow and decrease noise. With three speeds to choose from Blueair 201 air purifiers can be adjusted to meet your needs with regard to cleaning and noise levels. The Blueair 201 is virtually silent on low so will work well in small spaces like bedrooms and laundries.

Easy maintenance: simply open the unit's lid, lift out and drop in filters every 6 months. Filters come in sets of three - unit uses all three filters. Also includes industry best 10 year warranty. Sophisticated materials and precision engineering allow this purifier to clean indoor air without the noise associated with less advanced units. On the lowest setting, the units emit no more sound than a desktop computer.

Blueair 201 specifications

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