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TOXIC MOLDS - an informative guide to toxic molds, their effects and remedies.

Molds are different and not all are toxic.

Molds belong to the group of fungi and they are related to mushrooms, yeast and the mildew that you can find on the grout in the bathroom. Molds like any other fungi require two basic conditions to grow. These are organic food source and moisture. The reproduction process of molds and other fungi is based on spores. These spores get scattered in the atmosphere. Mold allergies are generally caused by the allergens in these spores.

Toxic molds in depth - why are they allergens?

Any one mildly interested in molds must know Stachbotrys chartarum. It is a greenish-black toxic mold and is blamed for numerous deaths and serious illness. It has also rendered many homes uninhabitable. But if we examine closely, we will find that of the thousands of molds found in nature only a few are toxic for humans.

Molds produce allergens that can cause mild to severe allergic reactions in sensitive individuals and in some cases it can also trigger asthma attack. Toxic molds produce mycotoxins, which are toxic substances. These mycotoxins can cause a number of problems that may vary from respiratory and skin irritation to immune suppression. Another thing to note about these toxic molds is that the mycotoxins produced by them will even affect people who are not normally sensitive to the allergens produced by non-toxic molds, we suggest to reduce mold spores to use an hepa air purifier, better if equipped with OFS technology such us the Neoair Enviro.
O.F.S. that stand for Organic Fiber Sterilization is the latest proven to work technology able to drastically kill mold spores on contact. The manufacturer of this type of filtration system provided many independent tests and the results were very impressive.

What can be done to get rid of them?

It is very difficult to get rid of molds completely but there are a few remedies that one can do to significantly get rid of molds.

  1. The level of humidity must be kept less than 50%. In case the humidity level is higher, use air conditioners or a dehumidifier. Humidity is the single most conducive factor for the growth of molds.
  2. You can use any one of the several mold-killing air cleaners available in the market such as blueair, Neoair and IQair. Use these mold air purifiers in your bathroom to get rid of any molds that may be growing there.
  3. Every precaution must be taken not to provide humidity for mold growth. So, avoids carpeting areas which generally remain wet. So, areas like kitchens and bathrooms must be kept un-carpeted.
  4. It is also equally advisable to keep all your windows and doors adequately water proof to prevent the infiltration of water from those entry points.
  5. If you are living in a rented apartment and find any water leaks or water infiltration, immediately report it to the landlord for repair and cleaning.
  6. If your rugs, carpets and stuffed furniture get wet because of any reason, immediately dry it. If you have items which cannot be dried or cleaned, it is better to dispose it.

If you find any mold visible to your eyes, immediately clean it with mild bleach solution or commercial mold remover. And don't forget to wear gloves while you clean up the molds. If you are very sensitive to mold, you can also wear respirators as well.

These were a few simple guidelines that can be followed to get rid of toxic molds and a functional air cleaner is surely a must have if you are mold sensitive. You can learn more about other types of allergens or allergy relief in the following articles.

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You should also understand that you should leave toxic molds to professionals. If you suspect that your house is the shelter to toxic molds, get out of the house immediately and get it checked by a mold inspector professional.. After all it's the matter of your health.

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