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SINUS RELIEF – How can you get a quick fix from your sinusitis?

The best way to counter any form of illness is to get as much information about it as possible. It is no different for Sinusitis. Sinusitis is an advanced form of Sinus Infection that affects billions of people worldwide. If you can identify right away the infection symptoms, relief options can be easily advised and prescribed. Sinuses are the hollow pockets of air that are located on either side of the nose, behind and in-between the eyes and on the forehead. The function of sinuses is to produce mucous. Mucous are the "filters" of our respiratory system and they clean and keep moisten the membranes of our nose and throat. Using an efficient hepa air purifier such as the Neoair or IQair products can help reduce the possibility of infections. Sinus infection is generally caused by the inflammation and blockage of the sinus cavities.

It is important that your health provider diagnose the infection correctly because symptoms are quite similar to those of common cold or other types of allergies. You can differentiate between them by understanding that a sinus infection may arise even if allergies are not normally sparked. What is a matter of concern is that if cold and allergy symptoms are left unattended, they can easily lead and turn into sinus infection. Furthermore if this type of infection is not taken care of other and more serious problems can arise and in the worst case scenario, sinus surgery might also be required. .

What are the sinusitis symptoms that can be easily identified?

There can be various symptoms associated with sinus infection. Some of the most common symptoms are:

  1. Sinus Headache: Most of the times it get confused as general headache and as such it is treated with aspirin. But sinus headache is far different from general headache. 99% of the times the pain is located right behind the nose or eyes while the pain area of most common headaches is located elsewhere on the cranium. The cause of sinus headache can be congestion or nasal passage infection. Sinus attacks can be relieved by using a specific nasal spray. You can also use an air purifier to reduce episodes.
  2. Nasal Congestion: Most of the times nasal congestion start as cold or trigged by an allergy reaction but if you find that the congestion in the nasal cavities is quite persistent and doesn't go away, you might have a case of sinus infection right there.
  3. Post Nasal Drop: This is the sensation of having some liquid or mucous in the back of the throat. Usually constant sniffing results in the mucous being drawn in that position. Similarly, when we breathe condensed air, moisture is also most likely to get drawn to the backside of our throat. The post nasal drop can get blown backward into the sinuses or even to the ears. If this occurs, a sinus infection may change to an ear infection.
The list of other known and harder to diagnose sinus infections symptoms is a very long one. The other symptom can be pain, upper jaw and tooth ache, tenderness around the nose, forehead and cheeks, swelling and pressure around the eyes, ear ache and infection, fever, weakness, fatigue and a cough, running nose or nasal congestion. What we can do is to get prepared for this type of infection so that we can get fast relief immediately. One of the ways to prevent sinus infection is to use a good air cleaner and also keep on hand an appropriate nasal spray. A nasal spray with Xylitol can be very effective. Xylitol is a natural enemy of bacteria and can help prevent the bacterial infection in the nasal passage.

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Sinus remedies include the use of antibiotics. The use of nasal sprays and other forms of medication can also prove effective sinus relief. For most of the individuals, sinus infections are common and chronic, preventive measures are most often used. That helps in reducing the discomfort and pain that comes with sinus infection. The least you can do for sinus relief is the use of a home air purifier. Regular cleansing of nasal passage can prove to be quite effective in preventing sinus infection.

Thus, it can be said that sinus infection can prove to be quite painful and harmful for a patient. Proper precautions must be taken to avoid sinus infection.

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