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Sick building Syndrome can be defined as a situation in which the residents of a building complain of acute health effects which are generally associated with the time that one spends in the building. The surprising thing is that no specific illness or cause of Sick building Syndrome can be identified. The effect can be localized in one particular room or may be spread through out an entire building.

The exact cause of Sick building Syndrome is not exactly known. Some experts believe that such problems arise if the building is not well maintained. There may be problems with the indoor air caused by poor building design. For example, insufficient HVAC systems or fixed windows can be a cause.

Causes of sick building syndrome aka S.B.S.

It is true that the precise reasons of Sick building Syndrome are not exactly known yet there are various factors that can contribute to SBS. These factors can work synergistically or may work with some other factors responsible for SBS. Also inadequate temperature, humidity or lighting is known common causes.

  1. One of the major factors contributing to SBS is chemical contaminant from outdoors. The air from outside that enters a building is the major reason for indoor pollution. So, motor vehicle exhausts, plumbing vents and building exhausts get an easy entry into the building through poorly located air intake vents, windows and other openings. If the building is located near some kind of a garage, it can also prove to be a source of combustion byproducts.
  2. Another contributing factor can be the chemical contaminants from within the actual property. There can be many sources of indoor air pollution. Known contributing factors are adhesives, upholstery, carpeting, copy machines, manufactured wood products, cleaning agents and pesticides. Pesticides may emit volatile organic compounds (VOC's) that may result into chronic and acute health effects at high concentrations. In addition to that, tobacco smoke and combustible products from stoves, fireplaces and un-vented space heaters can also release pollutants into the air.
  3. Pollen grains, bacteria, viruses and molds all are household biological contaminants. These biological pollutants can be a potential reason for fever, chills, cough, chest tightness, muscle aches, and allergic reactions.
  4. Lack of proper ventilation is one of the worst things that one can do to people within a room or a building. Air exchanges, through proper and efficient ventilators or air purifiers, are a must. If this air regeneration process is not constantly done it may result in severe health problems to the occupants.

What's the solution for Sick building syndrome? Can this problem be resolved?

There are many ways to reduce SBS factors and elements. We are going to examine some of them.

  1. The first thing that must be done is to improve the ventilation system of the building. It can be the most effective as well as the most economical thing that one can do. The least one can do is to keep heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems conform to the ventilation standards of the local building codes.
  2. If possible remove the source of pollutant or at the least modify it. That can be achieved by regular maintenance of the HVAC systems, replacing water-stained ceiling tiles and carpets, banning smoking or providing separate ventilated room for this purpose.
  3. Good quality air cleaners are proven to be very useful. Stay away from devices that do not offer a Hepa air filter . You can check out the review section of this site to learn more about the devices we actually tested and that performed real well. If everyone residing in the building understands his or her duty towards the proper maintenance of the building, all the problems can be solved far more effectively and quickly.

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If everyone residing in the building understands his or her duty towards the proper maintenance of the building, all the problems can be solved far more effectively and quickly. We can really do many things to reduce its mal-effects.


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