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Welcome to the Allergy relief and air pollution control learning center

In this section you will find a vast collection of articles and informative guides to control your allergy, asthma and more. There many papers and scientific researches available written by industry experts that can help you learn more about allergies and allergy relief products and how to cope with them. You can drastically improve your lifestyle by just following these tips to create a healthier environment around you whether at home or at work.

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Why are some people allergic while others are not?
There are a lot of speculations and theories on why certain people become allergic to certain allergens while others are completely immune. It is believed that that allergy conditions are hereditary and kids from allergy sufferers are most likely to become allergic to something either early or later on in life. There are studies that suggests that exposure to certain allergens during pregnancy can contribute to development of allergies in new born.

How do I know if I suffer from any form or allergy or is it just a common flu?
First of all, I suggest keeping track of the episodes and seeing if you can find a pattern. It is most likely that u suffer from some form of allergy it the reactions occur in certain places, touching certain materials or just in particular times of the year. If you start sneezing in the spring season and then your symptoms reoccur any other year; you are most likely allergic to pollens. Second and not least, take an appointment with an allergist and request to be tested. There are different types of protocols and testing available and he will be able to figure out exactly what’s the substance or material you are allergic too.

Allergy medications and Pregnancy – is it safe?
There have been long debates among researchers and doctors about this topic and if it’s safe to take allergy medication while being pregnant. There straight answer is depends.
The big issue here is that newer drugs in most instances are not tested in pregnant women today for both safety and liability reason.
It is a very complicated testing process and even if current technology is quite advanced there still might be unknown or unexpected reactions that didn’t manifested in people that are not pregnant. It is understandable why manufacturers and researchers do not want to take any chance with an unborn baby.
Older type of medications that have been around for a long time have been used and administered to pregnant women for years before guidelines have been updated. These common allergy relief medicines are known to be safe.
Make sure to consult your doctor or allergist before taking any allergy medication if you are pregnant; he/she will prescribe you the right drug for you.

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